Put your face on a shirt in Australia!

Put your face on a shirt in Australia!

Have you ever wanted to put your face on a t-shirt?

Maybe it's a cheeky gift for your partner or a sentimental gesture for your jet-setting best friend, there are plenty of reasons to print your face on a tee.

From anniversaries and birthdays to farewells and Valentine's, face t-shirts are the perfect present!

Previously, you had to arrange your own photo files and image tracing, before you even look up a printer. Real photo cutouts can also often look 'rough' unless tracing and cropping are 100 per cent perfect.

Add to this, you'll have to source your own tee and arrange all the logistics. This process is lengthy, and if you're not careful, costly!

But what if there was a better way? Well, you're in luck! Now you can order your face on a t-shirt, right here in Australia, and it's called FACEswag!

This isn't a slap-dash print house -- we turn your face into a work of art. Simply upload a face before selecting from one of our amazing digital designs, along with print size and location.

From here, our graphic artists will work-up your design, delivering a seriously unique gift!

Learn more about FACEswag and shop our latest collections.


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