1. Pick a product and upload a face

Simply choose your product and upload a face photo. We mostly draw Humans, Cats and Dogs (but most two and four-legged creatures are fine - we've mastered cows, horses and even birds!).

Read our Upload Guide to ensure you get the best results. Our upload tool works seamlessly with your PC or mobile. Simply click 'Local file' from the upload box.

2. Your uploaded face is transformed into a work of art

Your photo inspires a one-of-a-kind work of art! Learn more about our artwork types here and view some examples throughout our products.

We'll also send your digital artwork file and a mockup of how your product will look.

3. We produce your swag on-demand

Depending on the product's materials, we transfer your artwork via one of three quality technologies (dye-sublimation, embroidery or DTG)

Because your FACEswag is designed and produced just for you, there's a production timeline. Learn more here.

We'll send you a high res original digital file (.PNG approx. 4000px by 4000px) that's yours to own. FREE for a limited time!

We mostly draw Humans, Cats and Dogs (but most two and four-legged creatures are fine - we've mastered cows, horses and even birds!). Each product displays an example of one of these face types, but you can change any product to any face!

Read our Photo Upload Guide to learn how to get the best artwork possible.

We want you to be wrapped with your FACEswag, so there are a few things to consider when uploading a photo.

Be sure to choose a photo shot at eye-level, with the head and shoulders taking up the majority of the frame (our digital artwork includes the head plus neck/shoulders). Do not upload a photo with multiple people. Head-to-toe full body shots are not acceptable as they generally don't capture an appropriate level of facial detail. If you've chosen a Cat or Dog face, your photo may include your pet's body. Sitting poses looking directly at the camera get the best results. However, like all of our designs, your artwork will include only include the head/neck. 

Read our Upload Guide for all the details.

We ship across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the US.

Go here for all the details.

We offer fully-personalised, made-to-order products. So, naturally, it'll take us longer to deliver your items than mass-production stores. To manage this, we offer two delivery packages (think of them like airline tickets). One of our options is even FREE if you're able to plan ahead enough!.

Go here for all the details.

Need a show-stopping gift quickly? Can do! Shop our limited RUSH 7-DAY delivery range. Learn more here.

Due to the nature of custom artwork we are unable to accept returns, exchanges or refunds.

If your product is damaged, contact us, and and we'll sort out another item or refund.

We don't believe in stocking cheap and nasty base products. Likewise, most of our our product range is cut, stitched and sublimated to-order. In short, this means better colours and importantly, better durability.

Here's some of the reasons behind our product and supplier selections:

(a) You're paying for fully-personalised artwork - it doesn't make sense to match that with low-quality swag.

(b) It's not good for business - you won't come back if you don't love your FACEswag!).

(c) We like to source as ethically as possible - this rules out cheaper suppliers.

We choose three artwork transfer technologies due to their quality and properties of the materials.

Dye Sublimation

The majority of our product range features dye sublimation artwork transfers. In short, this means better colours and importantly, better durability.

Sublimation is a heat transfer process, which can be printed on much more of a product's total area than other printing methods. This allows us to design dye-sub products with more flexibility.

Dye-sub minimises waste as the process does not release dye into the water system.

Featured products: Fleece Blankets, Hoodies


Nothing beats embroidery when you're going for a timeless, understated look. We use state-of-the-art technology to give you stunning results with multiple thread colours.

Eligible products are clearly marked 'Embroidery' and can all be found in one location here.

Embroidery involves careful photo digitisation, which is included across the entire FACEswag Embroidery collection (this involves refining your image for threat printing at a maximum of 8 thread colours).

Simply upload a face on your chosen Embroidery product page.

Featured products: Shirts, Jumpers


DTG or 'Direct To Garmet' printing initially involves the application of a 'pre-treat' and white base layer (where required), before the printing of a coloured artwork layer. Your artwork is then set in a special oven. 

This technology has come a long way since it was introduced around the turn-of-the-century. We use printers that focus on colour accuracy, print quality, and durability. 

Our RUSH 7-DAY range is printed using DTG due to the 7-day production and delivery timeline.

Featured products: T-Shirts, RUSH 7-DAY Range

Each year, a whopping 92 million tons of textile gets shipped off a retail fashion industry cost-of-doing-business annually. You can do your bit to change that. Buy items that you'll value and keep!

We also arrange carbon offsets for the production and shipping of FACEswag products (no extra charge).

On-demand textile services, such as FACEswag, produce significantly less waste than traditional fashion retailers.

Fashion and textile retailers' business models involve scale. They’re incentivised to produce in bulk. As a result, there isn't a secured buyer for every item.

That's where print-on-demand brands like FACEswag differ. We only have a product produced when we have a buyer for a specific item.

Further to this, as we solely offer personalised products at a premium price to mass-produced equivalents, our products are more likely to be valued, used and retained by the buyer.

Overproduction means that items either a) don't get sold (and discarded) or b) undervalued by the buyer.

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